If you're using snapchat you might want to go on it immediately and change your privacy settings.
New update came out, they added a map with everybody's locations down to a couple of meters in accuracy... And the feature is on by default for EVERYONE to see, not just your friends.

What the actual fuck were they thinking?? Just think of all the ways this can go wrong.

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    @runfrodorun Underage kids use the fucking app, now any paedophile can find out their address
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    @runfrodorun Also, these same people that are fine with this stuff give out private information on social media and are surprised when their accounts get "hacked"
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    Deleted the app months back, didn't trust it, still don't. Also pointless if instagram and Facebook basically have the same features now.
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    When I entered the map view, it asked me wheter I wanted to share my location or not. So, they've got at least that going for them.
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    @DirtyBit There was a gang of home robbers here which used a script to crawl Facebook for public profiles with address information and keywords about going on holiday.

    Now imagine how easy it is to rob, murder, rape, etc if someone's location is shared 24/7.

    The question with privacy is not whether you are a bad person with something to hide, it's whether other bad people could abuse the information you share.
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    @Sleepy-guy it shows you where you are right now, even offline users.
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    @Sleepy-guy I've told 3 of my friends and they don't even care about it WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE
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    @Sleepy-guy look at reviews on the play store, people are smarter there
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    Fucking horrifying
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