This is exactly why I prefer devRant

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    This isn't Facebook... This is Dev rant, you rant about dev things, not Facebook things...
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    @R5on11c Exactly. This kind of post is why I'm starting to NOT like devrant.
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    @Fydrenak same here tbh...
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    @Fydrenak @R5on11c Not exactly, it's dev rant meaning it's a rant from a dev, thus if the one who rants is a dev (or an aspiring/interested one) it would be perfectly suitable no matter the content. But as a consideration for the community assuming they prefer development (and it's related topics) themed posts, it would be considered more acceptable to create posts as such.
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    @Marnsghol that would render the purpose of this app completely useless. Why would I download an app to read things that are not related to software development? Anyone can (and will if they so desire) call themselves a dev, even though they are not really involved software development.

    If your reasoning were to make any sense i could just download 9gag for what it's worth...
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    Is the last one saying

    "Look at our FooKing babies"
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    Omg yes. I deleted my Facebook acct for that reason.
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    @R5on11c Anyone that's interested in development are and should be free to access this platform, or are you saying that devrant should be a closed group, protecting it's purity and despising new comers like some stackoverflow on steroids ?

    Also I'm not sure if you read my whole comment but I was talking about the technical aspect of what's appropriate for posting which is virtually everything but again there is a netiquette which we do abide by, keeping the content of our posts at least somewhat related to things development related. And the feedback of the community by ++ and -- is enough to maintain the basic theme.

    People that play the internet vigilante by trying to protect the purity of the platform are contradicting the netiquette which oh so they love. Which is to give us the users a place to share our thoughts and get in contact with people of similar interests. Not dictating a single opinion upon the community but supporting the sharing of many.

    Right @dfox ?
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    Yup @Marnsghol, agreed 100%.

    Some people just look for anything to complain about. This is literally a rant saying they prefer devRant because it's dev-themed, and you have people coming here to comment "omg but it's not because every once in a while there's a post that's not dev-related."

    I've always said that generally in online communities people absolutely hate censorship, but on devRant there's a group of people who routinely advocate for more of it.

    We plan to add post classifications soon (ex. rant, joke/meme, question, devRant-community-related, and maybe 1 or 2 others). With those people will be able to filter out what they really don't want to see. However, this rant certainly falls into the devRant-community-related category and we have absolutely no plans or reason to get people to stop posting it. Like it has been said, voting is to determine the quality of content.

    We also tend to disallow certain kinds of content that has nothing to do with development or tech and are just spammy (ex. random pictures of pets, requests for ++), so that's already handled.
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    Code is the new baby amirite
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    Reading the comment again, I now see that I agreed with the stance, but not with the reasoning. I think the topic of this post is easily relevant enough. I do, however, maintain my dislike of it due to the format.

    I wholeheartedly agree that devrant should welcome anybody, no matter how 'much' of a dev they might be. When I said "this kind of post", I was not referring to its topic, but to its format. There are so many posts now where somebody just rips an image off some other SN, then posts it here with some inane comment for easy ++s. I feel that this kind of content is of a much lower quality than the stuff which lead me to fall in love with devrant in the first place; the stuff that allows me to hear the experiences and frustrations of many kinds of people doing many kinds of things.

    @dfox's mentioning of adding filtering features sounds like a great plan, which should greatly help people to find the more meaningful content when they want to, and the cheap laughs when they don't.
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    @Fydrenak that's fair, and I agree with most of what you said.

    I will say though, and one of the reasons for my frustration, and I'm not saying you do it but in general, is that some people will complain while not using the features we've built for these specific purposes. I think the story feed is a pretty awesome compilation of pretty much only rants. And algo should be pretty customized. What tends to happen though, is sometimes people feel like they should be getting the exact content they want in the "recent" feed which simply isn't the truth and it will never be that way on a platform with user-generated content. Recent is kind of meant to be a shit show with limited moderation.

    Even so, like you said, the categories should greatly improve all feeds in the app.
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