PHP with Laravel is awesome, best framework ever. I just wish my client is convinced, there is something he doesn't like about PHP

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    @jschmold pls do πŸ˜€
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    @Artemix Because of these reasons, we use Slim Framewor for a lot of stuff in our company (mostly REST APIs). It is very lightweight, extendable and composer installs it rather quickly. πŸ˜‰
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    I like migrations and the homestead environment in Laravel in addition to other features. If bloated means more files with the framework then I can live with that.
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    @ahmadao One of the biggest problems in my opinion is Eloquent.

    Eloquent is fucking awesome for API-like DB querying. You need to create an article, get an article, get an author, delete a tag etc. Great stuff if you're building a blog or todo app.

    But if your app needs to do smarter things (questions like "which percentage of users with similar preferences also bought other discounted items this sale, and rated it positively") you'll notice that Eloquent's models and Laravel's magic work against you, break OOP principles badly, and you'll start running into vague bugs. Aggregated data is not a strength of activerecord-style orms.

    Most of the problems with Laravel are not unique to Laravel or even PHP - with Ruby on rails you have similar problems.

    The big advantage of PHP/Laravel is that it's easier to find devs for, so for a small to medium sized project with mostly CRUD stuff it can be a good choice.
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    @bittersweet thanks for the feedback appreciate it :)
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    @Artemix thanks :)
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    Long time ago I was thinking "Symfony vs Laravel". I went with Symfony and I don't regret. I still think it's a great tool, but of course it's only my opinion.
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    For complex queries I can use direct access to the database and write the queries myself and for simple queries I can use Eloquent. I don't think there is a problem here, right?
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    @Artemix could you pls let me know what you exactly mean by that. So you mean that each request to the app takes longer time than other frameworks? Or do you mean there are many features in the framework that are not needed. If the later then I can just use what I want and leave the rest. Disk space is not a problem is it? Pls also check.


    It is a stripped down version of Laravel. Pls let me know what do you think.
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