Who else thinks having their devrant avatar in this loading screen (in the app) will give it a more personal touch? ;)

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    This could be a good feature xD
    (for supporter only is fine for me @dfox )
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    Yeah.. That'd be nice
    Even if it's a Supporter only..
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    Could be a good feature! Supporter-only? Ech. I don't know.
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    That'd be super awesome! @dfox @trogus
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    That's a good idea
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    This idea was already submitted, but it was rejected due to technical limitations. It might be possible again though.
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    It would actually be cool if my avatar can have a lightsaver
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    Maybe there's a getUser() function call required to authenticate and get the avatar.
    So having the loading screen independent of user data could be a good thing.
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    Yeah I mean this is a really cool idea and it has been suggested before, but does anyone know if it's even possible? I haven't done any research but a lot of people here are probably more familiar with Android than I am.
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    I think it's just a presplash on Android, which you might be able to change dynamically like this: have some file(for example) with the av details (what images where) or even better - output from the character builder in presplash-sized JPG. Then call mActivity.removeLoadingScreen() and/or something in this sense: https://stackoverflow.com/a/... where you check is the user is a special snowflake and you show the appropriate image. :)

    That's Android though and there is also iOS and webapp and there it might not be possible (dunno, guessing).

    Also, if the initial loading speed would be an issue, just dump the data (e.g. premium bool + image, or just check for existency - root users alert :D) when saving the Builder output and when loading just check from local storage.
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    @dfox DevRant android maintainers wud do it easily I hope....I wud do it like this:
    If user is logged in:

    1. Use a blank splash screen xml with bg color same as that of the avatar's bg.

    2. Position the avatar with Right-bottom alignment in the view/layout.

    Done! :)
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    Nice idea!!

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    Regarding performance, it would definitely be nasty to have it load the loading page content, but I would work around that by cacheing the avatar and if there's no avatar cached use the current screen. Cacheing would happen when the app is loaded. It would have to be invalidated on avatar change and due to possible external modifications it would need to he refreshed on every app load and would still possibly show stale data, but especially for devs, I think that would be a pretty good compromise.
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    my idea

    have a default splash for people who don't have an avatar ( like right now )

    then whenever someone changes their avatar save a image of it locally with a config saying it's saved ( preferably in the DevRant directory ), then load the image if it's saved
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    @DarKneT I believe the problem never was about making and caching the image, but about loading it and/or removing/replacing the default presplash. Obviously devrant can't just replace the default presplash permanently (imagine losing the "premium") and you'd need to check for the membership at runtime and dynamically create the image (or store it somewhere safe), otherwise I could happily open the resources the app would use and place there my custom splash with rainbow tiger or whatever.

    Not everything allows you to do that in a simple way (Windows boot, login, ... screen) and doing it "the hacky way" might be inefficient (that's why the official solutions in my post for Android) :)
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    Haw about you pick a random chalarcter from the list of the supporters instead of trogus enly? @dfox
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    @dfox come on, we're just clients, besides I bet others have already done it so just use what they use
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    @CozyPlanes this is from two months ago, @dfox already commented on this
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    @CozyPlanes My bad, just saw the github comment!
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    I can see it happening, but what if you didn't have one?
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