Lately my sister's sound wasn't working. So i came over to see, whats wrong. Her boyfriend was also there, who claims to be a programmer himself, so i asked myself why he hasn't already solved the issue. But instead of asking, i just got on her computer and looked around.

First, i checked the audio jack, which was plugged in normally. There's a little wheel on the table, controlling the volume. There was a little light on it, shining. I assumed, it had to be a software problem and got into Windows' Audio Manager. Everything was okay. I spent the next 10 minutes checking EVERYTHING, even tried a restart (obviously changed nothing, but you never know ;D ). Drivers, Audio Settings, everything was okay.

Desperately I leant back in the chair and shot some looks around. Turns out, the plug wasn't plugged in. *facepalm*

The little light, shining on the wheel, seems to get its power through the audio jack.

It's always the simplest thing.

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    Being a peogrammer does not mean that they know IT.

    / Sysadmin
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    @Linux Linus Torvalds is a great example of this
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    "Why is my tablet not working?"

    "How would I know, I've never used that brand of tablets"

    "But you're a programmer, don't you have like, access to all the ones and zeroes...?"

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