Okay, just because I'm the only one under 35, single, and only white/hispanic guy on this team doesn't give you the right to interrupt me mid sentence IN my meeting. No disrespect to the developers from India and this may just be a culture conflict where I am outnumbered in my company but I don't understand the how some of these guys can't just be polite or respect others opinions(this is just from my experience with 90 or so developers from India and I don't believe in blanketing all Indians as this way just these 90 plus I do love the food).

Don't hijack MY meeting and then completely derail where I was going and disregard my solution without listening to the whole thing for an idea that isn't even solution but adds more work for both parties involved. You may have been working here for 5 years, but I worked in the actual department where we're building the new process and solution to a problem I've worked on. I understand the user since I WAS ONCE THAT USER for a good 8 months. And on top of that you can barely code efficient, or complex SQL statements. You're nothing more than fucking script kiddies and this whole IT department is joke. I apologize if the rant isn't really that coherent, I'm not very good at typing rants with my adrenaline running hot.

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    Sometimes when you're working across cultures you may need to park your default mode.

    Be a prick if you have to. In some cultures, your version of being civil can be seen as a weakness. You may only be able to get respect if you give that "don't fuck with me" attitude.
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    Sorry from India. There are quite a few devs (should i call them devs?) like that here. I have faced such people and hate them.
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    Indians be like "I did not get grey hair just sitting idle. I have done this and that and gained this knowledge and experience."
    I be like - Cunt more experience, or grey hair doesn't mean shit. It just means you are too old and/or too lazy to let go of your ego. Grey hair does not imply wisdom by default. I have seen guys younger than me who are far smarter than me. They know things I do not know. If they are good at something let them do it, while I do whatever​ I'm good at.
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    @GrizzlyMagnum I read that with an indian accent, i feel racist by accident XD
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    @kunashe I would get fired by HR so fast if I started being a prick. I had to work really hard to tone down a bit after my semi short military career. But then again I might have to show them this young Marine ain't to be messed with.
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    @japsel just so you know, I'm an Indian 😆
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    India, say no more.

    Sorry guys, that's quite common that 'india it tech support' syndrome happens.

    I have nothing to those of you who do their job, but for so many times i've contacted ppl who were incompetent or just lazy that I try to avoid calling/writing India just in case. Oh, and that accent and pronounciation I can't stand.

    It's like people from Poland (where I live) are alcoholic catholics and thieves. A stereotype. But sadly there is always a source of the stereotype..

    To be fair, when preparing for math exams I used to study books written in English by people who have eng as second language, mostly from India. Because native speakers tend to overcomplicate stuff :-)
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    My own opinion: Problem with Indians, India is the fastest developing country, the new China mixed with silicon Valley... And you add old costums in the mix. My view of Indians is about the ones who commit suicide for not having top grades and place in society surpass everything...
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    English Guy: E
    Indian Guy: I

    E: You know, we raided your country, raped your women, pillaged your riches and ruined your livelihood for 100s of years!

    I: and we are going to do to your language what you did to us over those 100s of years forever and ever!
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    Sorry for hijacking your rant but I rather have talking devs than complete silent devs during meetings. Getting no input at all is impossible to work with.
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    Devs prefer to think about the problem rather than "what did he said?" or "can't they actually solve my issue, just for once?"
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    @mt3o but if you ask them questions you expect an answer dont you? Sometimes I wonder if the devs I work with (from Kenya) even have voices. They don't talk until we get our boss to asks the same questions.
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    @Codex404 when in English I ask a guy who is supposed to speak English I want to have answer in English not Engrish, Polglish, Hinduglish or whatever is it called.

    Ok, Polglish is what people in Poland speak, not in India.

    When I ask someone to create a rule in reverse proxy and there is problem reported, I should be sure that the rule will be added. That time I had to rollback because the app backend was available for whole world.
    When by boss creates a ticket for access rights for me, it should be done asap, not after 11 months and 2 weeks.
    Both true stories. I've been thru more problems like those, but solved them by escalating the issues to the management.
    Tech support should help me doing my job, not sabotage it.
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    @Codex404 I would too but these guys are barely even devs. I would say they're more along the lines of business analysts with lackluster SQL skills. And if someone is speaking you shouldn't interrupt. We're in the US not India so please respect the customs like I do. My family is from Mexico, so I understand what its like being an immigrant. Also their english is so bad, and these two mumble so low and quietly and so much it makes it near impossible to understand them.
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