And you call this a changelog?

I really hope that Twitter doesn't use this internally.

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    YES. So much this. This has become one of my biggest pet peeves lately.

    I'm not sure which is worse - twitter's repeated useless "we did stuff and stuff" or instagram's massive blurb of changes they simply repeat over and over for multiple versions.
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    Well, saying that they enforce politically correct content even harder would scare the users away.
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    They're like all the apps which have as changelogs: "Please rate us 5 stars" I hate them.
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    Yeah, Google is the king of terrible change log messages... Most of their apps have messages that are a year old... "Google Cast is now Google Home!" 100 versions later, still the same message... Ya, I think I got it by now Google...
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    Would be difficult to add a changelog like

    "fixed an exploitable bug which could have exposed lists of email addresses"

    "fixed a bug which could make your phone crash if you opened settings"


    Developers don't want to show off the truth about how often things go wrong.
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    Twitter gave up making a proper app years ago.
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    @bittersweet that is still so much better though..
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