If I unplug a charger then my laptop immediately turns off

if I run a hw diag [boot into diag mode], it says I have a healthy battery, but a faulty ssd


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    It‘s totally your SSD‘s fault!
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    obviously your laptop is using your SSD for power and your battery for storage. This often happens when there's a glitch in the matrix.

    you need to run `sudo reality --restart`
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    To confirm your battery is being used as storage device, remove from case and check for a spicy pillow.
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    I think you mean
    "sudo systemctl restart reality.service"

    You didn't think you could escape systemd, did you?
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    It could be both. What SSD is this? You can use this as an excuse to update size. You know you want this... <Darth Sidious stroking the new 2TB SSD>
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    Solid State Drive.
    If unplugged, it is unsure of how long it can give service. To be on the safe side, it does not.

    As you can hear I'm in not in solid state but rather liquid state, it's Friday evening 🥴
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    @Demolishun EVO 970 500GB

    I really really really do want that upgrade though :)

    you devil...
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    @Lensflare After replacing back to the original (still alive) battery, the shutdown issue went away, but the diag still says my SSD is faulty. And I still have trouble waking my lappy up from the suspended state - as it wakes up I only see the last "frame" before it went to sleep and it's a 50/50 whether it will get unstuck within ~30 seconds.

    sooo.. there might be a SSD fault after all


    sudo touch /forcefsck
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