As a developer in Germany, I don't understand why anything related to development like IDEs, git clients and source code documentation should be localized/translated.
Code is written in english, configuration files too. Any technology, any command name in a terminal, every name of a tool or code library, every keyword in a programming language is written in english. English is the language of every developer. And English is simply a required skill for a developer.
Yet almost everything nowadays is translated to many other languages, espacially MS products. That makes development harder for me.

My visual studio menus are a mess of random german/english entries due to 3rd party extensions.

My git client, "source tree" uses wierd translations of the words "push" and "commit". These commands are git features! They should not be translated!

Buttons and text labels in dev tools often cut the text off because they were designed for english and the translated text is bigger and does not fit anymore. Apparently no one is testing their software in translated mode.

And the worst of all: translated fucking exception and error massages! Good luck searching for them online.

Apple does one thing damn right. They are keeping all development related stuff english (IDE, documentation). Not wasting money on translations which no developer needs.

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    You do know that it is optional to use localized software right ?
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    "every keyword in a programming language" - well except for motherfucking excel which translates them - making it impossible to share sheets between languages
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    @ItsNotMyFault Yes, mostly. But there are also things you cannot prevent from being translated. Like system error messages from .Net applications that are being sent to you by customers using a non-english version of windows.

    Another annoying example of practically having no choice but to use translated versions is: Visual Studio. I wanted to switch it to english but for that I had to install a "language update package" or something similar. Which was huge. Several GB if i remember correctly. And of course it took forever to install, like every MS installation process. But after a few weeks, a new Visual Studio update was released. I installed it and my English version was reverted to German again.
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    @Lensflare That is why you start by installing an english version of the OS. (or if you use a good OS, you start by selecting english as your language)
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    @ItsNotMyFault I'd like to try that some day. But aren't Windows licences bound to a specific language? I doubt that my company would buy an extra licence just for me.
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    You should see our database tables 😂 half of the columns in german and the other half english.
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    I just try to use the original language of the IDE, software or game.
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    @schwarmco wish I could ++ this more ;)
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    @ItsNotMyFault you live in English speaking country, right? You don't have to deal with typical problems of not-english. For example I have to type characters like ąćó. There's a POLKA and PÓŁKA. If you say your on the latter, this might be like hanging a cliff. With the first, well, will be having sex with a girl from Poland.
    Problem is gorgeous windows chooses keyboard layout depending on used language. So when switching in/out the browser I have to change the keyboard layout. I can't just set pl as the only one, because that horrible system wants to translate itself to polish. This is insane because alt+o or l or s or other chars, quite often are shortcuts. Randomly triggered while typing.
    Our German friend has little easier because he can write umlauts as oe or ue. I don't have this luxury.
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    "Pulldergarden" and "Pusheitwritze" maybe?
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    @Letmecode I kind of like using fremdschlüssels in my strukturierte abfragesprache. But using a mutex is a lot easier than using a wechselseitiger ausschluss.
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    @mt3o I live in sweden, so not an english speaking country.

    I use a swedish keyboard layout, although i have an english one installed as well for coding in C style languages (having to press alt + 7-0 for {[]} is a pain in the arse)

    In windows 10 keyboard layout, OS language and application language are set separately and you can install/uninstall languages as you see fit without buying a new license.
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    Italian dev here. Couldn't agree more with you guys.
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    Gladly every dev gets an english OS licence at my new company.
    But I do feel your pain with german .Net exceptions...
    At my old job everything was german, we even had to write german commit-messages and german comments
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    @mt3o In Windows the language is not tied to the keyboard layout. You can set an override for the keyboard layout or the language that doesn't change the other one. And system locale is separate from each of those too.
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    Localization is horrible. Not only it creates a technical obstacle, but it also encourages people not to study English. Which only enlarges the gap between cultures and etc.
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    @ItsNotMyFault @Fydrenak so it seems I'm doing something wrong. Could you please help me sorting this out during the week?
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    Google uses your browsers accept-language header, Set it to whatever you want.
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