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People laugh at it when you say Internet Explorer is a Pain in the *ss to develop for, because they think it's just a cliché or some sort and think it's not that bad.. but no .. really.. F*ck IE.. :D It f*cked me over so many times..

"Oh Hey, I don't recognize this basic html attribute value you are using, so I'm not going to report an error in the console or so, ima let you search, sweat, get angry, .. Oh Hey, you're not using the right doctype? Let me crash your entire javascript functionality, .. Oh Hey, this CSS selector? I never heard of it.. "

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    I can webpack
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    That only works if you do not make money from the site.

    If you make money you better service all potential customers since a competitor surly will :/

    And IE11 and edge works fine, I have not had to do any special for them.
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    @Voxera yeah I know, and I'm not doing it or so :D just.. would save some frustrations

    IE11 and Edge are quiet good, still some issues, but not every customer of ours uses those latest versions, most use the 9 or older.. And those are the worst
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    Cheer up, I'm with you.

    Implemented a String.endsWith() for IE yesterday
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    You don't need to censor text here on devRant 😉
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    @BertMaurau 9 is still bearable but older it really starts to loose it.

    We fortunately get away with supporting 9+ but there are some features missing.
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    @Voxera company runs IE11. It still sucks. Although some of that might have been compatibility mode...
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    @demortes Yes, compatibility mode nullifies many of the improvements to handle old pages that do thing another way if they see IE and does not bother with version or feature checks.

    If you need to support older versions there are libraries that offer lots of the newer functionality and that under the hood uses the most recent available features to do it.
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