I need a new OS.
I have one year of Kubuntu, one year of Fedora KDE and there years of Arch Linux (Openbox, KDE, i3wm).

Now I'm undecided between debian and Arch Linux as a stable System.

What do you guys recommend me?

I hate picking huge software from AUR and need to compile it, but i hate having always a, yes stable package, but under versioned...
(and, exist a Debian minimal without everything Archstyle?)

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    There is a pacman like tool for AUR packages called yaourt. You should check it out
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    @dontPanic i know it very well, but some AUR package require compilation (for example the library framework ROOT 5 & 6) even if exist a deb package
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    May be it's time to try some Slackware or gentoo... ? Or just go back to windows, you don't have to compile anything AT ALL! Or maybe Android os... Soo many to chose from... Maybe you can just make some script / program to compile it for you... So you can stick with one of those Linux distros you mentioned.
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    @sam0 my only problem with arch are the HUGE packages with only src...

    It's only why should i take debian, why should I take Arch?
    Of Slackware, package support worries me
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    Debian is the best 💚
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    @runfrodorun what have Slackware of special?
    And Gentoo?

    How is their package coverage?
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    @runfrodorun i liked systemd on Arch, what are his malus?
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    @runfrodorun uhao, i miss a lot with OS, do you know a forum with some resource on OS?
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    Windows 10 is pretty decent...

    *leaves comment and runs*
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    elementary OS ist very nice!
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    At the moment i'm testing FreeBSD.
    Very interesting!
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