Anyone else who keeps their social media clean? Like deleting your post/comment/like you made a month ago? I wonder where all this crap content on social media goes especially those posts on facebook groups. I like a clean history and I'm a little paranoid which helps. I'm also using a dummy fb account to join groups cause there's a shit ton of them and I don't want to contaminate my real account.

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    I deleted my google plus after middle school. Feel like I dodged a bullet.
    I mean, it was google plus after all.
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    When I deleted my Facebook account, I made sure I deleted all the info in it, along with posts, comments, tags, etc. Still, all these things remain in their servers for a very long time, so the best way of not leaving a track is by being as inactive as possible.
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    Same here. I remove posts after a day or 2. My fb have only 1 photo. And i blocked those people posting bullshits.
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    No social media accounts , no worrys...
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    Well I think Facebook can store them indefinitely (TOS) (yes I actually read those things globally because I want to know what the fuck they can do with my data!). Honestly best is of course not to use it at all but other then that just keep a low profile I guess :)
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    I do keep a low profile and stay inactive :)
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