I'm in a situation here, I had an idea for an app and I started coding it. Since I'm a front end developer I find it not amusing to do the backend part. I then started to share the idea and such with good classmate (not a coder). I then made him join me on this adventure. After a lot of coding he said he wanted to contribute with something since I'm coding all day and he's not. Then we agreed freelancing the back end part.

Some time later we got a pretty good deal on some Indians doing the whole app. I thought to myself "this feels kinda good!" so we went on with the freelancer.

Days went to months and we finally got the app back. I did a mistake of paying him all the milestones without testing the app in its wholeness, later finding out that one part of the login system didn't work. That lead to a deeper debug to find out that the core function of the app was commented out.. I then wrote the freelancer back with minimal and slow response.

Now the deadline of the app is like in 2 months. If not we miss a whole year.

My classmate knows about this and he's the one who played for the freelancing. Now we have talked about me doing the whole backend myself.

The only issue I have now is that I feel like he's just sitting home doing nothing other than flashing money around and me busting my ass of writing code that I really am not good at. (basically learning more than coding)

But he played a lot of money for this.. So I feel kinda bad for him.

Rip life.

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    Welcome to the world. Where providing money is one kind of a job
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    What kind of project, sounds complicated?
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    @Kimmax Thanks, you are right! I guess it just feels strange.
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    @just-basic-user it's basically a school system for 100+ schools in Norway. They currently don't have a system for information and digital documentation. It's somewhat complicated due to me not knowing enough about how to structure the backend and connecting data from different sources.
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    @theScientist yupp, this is by far the biggest project I have done myself. That's how you learn, isn't it? 😅😓
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    @theScientist haha, indeed! :(
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    @shivayl no paper is signed. We both agreed on the freelancers. :)
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    As a fellow front-end dev I was also averse to back-end work. But these days you need to at least understand how it works, and after some self-learning and shadowing Dev Ops and Solution Architects in my previous jobs, I'm comfortable now working on databases and debugging back-end code even if I can't do command line server configs or can't write a Powershell script from scratch if my life depended on it.

    As for your friend, he should be paying you at the freelance rate if you'll be coding and refactoring the mistakes of his subpar freelancers. Just to be fair to you.
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    @KyrePh thank you for your response man! I really appreciate your experience. I do have some knowledge backend but its fairly weak. So I suppose it's good for me to learn more as you also say.

    What is this devops you're talking about? Sounds interesting!

    You have a good point about he paying me, but as we have become friends along this year I feel it's disrespectful to demand money from him :/ but on the other side, as I mentioned earlier, I feel it's wrong that he's starting to be bossy and pushy on the deadline. However, I do understand that he wants this to be a success as much as me, but I don't think he understands the effort to learn a whole new language and structure on some months. That will most likely end with a really bad product.
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    @BlitZz Dev Ops and IT ops essentially are concerned with optimizing servers and helping devs build and deploy quality and tested code, usually using automation tools. Like you said it's definitely interesting and worth reading up on even if just the basics 😁

    Yeah it's difficult balancing friendship with business. I hope you guys bounce back from this and build your next app together with the lessons learned, easier said than done but that's part of the journey 😊
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    @KyrePh My man ❤ you're so kind. Ey, welcome to devRant buddy 😎
    Will definitely look up Dev ops
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    Outsourcing the back end of an app might seem like a good idea but unfortunately that is the part you really don't want to mess up on. So unless you have unit tests and are working with someone who really knows what they are doing you can run into this kind of situation. I worked last Summer cleaning up code for a friend who outsourced his webapp development to an Indian company. Most of what I did was coming out functionality because it was broken and incomplete. At least the site ended up in a working state but without a lot of what he had paid for and though was working.
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    @robbt Jeez, I wish I knew this beforehand
    Fair to say I won't be outsourcing on a good while after this. Wow, I'm glad you managed to fix his site though, it's really nice of you to do that for him! Thank you for your comment man! All wisdom is good wisdom ❤
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    You are gonna get there bro. Just keep on it. Keep coding and pushing towards the goal.
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    @nkawesome02 thank you brother 😓❤ appreciate your kind words! Welcome to devRant 👏
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