I've worked for 2 firms with billion dollar revenue on contract basis in last years, but I'm still a year away from graduating.
It feels suffocating when after a great night of work I have to go to class among people who don't care about programming at all

I just want to graduate and leave this place...

Ps. Attendance is compulsory in my college and I take computer science classes

Pss. I already make thrice of the highest package in offered in my college for last three years!

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    You can always drop out if you feel like you are wasting time there. Felt the same way myself when I did college
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    I feel you man. I'm working at a company part time after college hours and it's so dope to work there, but then I go back to college the next day and the lack of enthusiasm is just frustrating..
    Oh btw, a second PS is PPS not PSS, since PS stands for post scriptum.

    But just do what you feel like, I know that sheet of paper you get after uni or college is "worth a lot" but follow your gut feeling
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    It is only one year, finish it as long as you can. Dropping out is one thing, but get to finish it after that takes a lot more effort. 😉
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    Haha good one, ditto btw. Exactly same story minus the billion revenue company, in my case it is million as that is all I have in my city in close proximity.
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    Thanks folks. To be frank I am fortunate to be living in a major city of my country, but not enough to to be able to take decision like dropping out!!
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