Cable/Internet outage. Tried to contact ISP (Mediacom, who are awful)... Reported outage over an hour ago, but no update.

So, I figure it's time to call then...

In support app, selected "Call someone now." Selected sevices. Drop-down for "Tap down arrow for list"... contains the single placeholder "Tap down arrow for list". Plus, of course, you cannot submit the form without making a selection from the list.

Fuck your fucking support app right in the java-hole, Mediacom.

I did not need any more reasons to hate you - you are already at the top of my list, with no one else remotely close behind.

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    Now they can honestly say nobody has reported any issues ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

    I will show myselfโ€‹ out
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    [ insert "tapping forehead" meme here with caption "Customers can't call you to complain if customers can't call you at all..." ]
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    Try contacthelp. It's a website that helps you get to a live person, but also has contact numbers
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