Another day at CS Class :

Friend : " Lol! Is that Linux? "

Me : " Yeah why? "

Friend : " That shit sucks man, go use Windows! "

Me : *im going to kill you face expression*

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    Me: *sigh*.. I guess a sheep follows the blind man's herd without question.
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    Lol exactly how everyone else feels when people do that with Linux
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    Nah, Red Star is way better.
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    @norman70688 I was using linux mint, its new so I haven't really tweaked it to be beautiful
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    Beauty is not that relevant, except where it helps to prevent distractions.

    If a certain OS/distro/desktop helps you to write code more productively, helps you focus on the task, you made the right choice.

    Linux Mint is a great choice for development in my opinion. It's easy to maintain, stable, and cinnamon helps nicely with window management.
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    Oddly enough I never had such replies in my CS class. When I confirmed that it was Linux the only replies I got "I heard it's much better than Windows, is it true?" to which I always reply with a yes, of course.
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    @bittersweet well yes but in this term he judged the book by its cover so I thought its because of my desktop environment
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    @dannydam you're lucky man!
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    It's a pretty good joke
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    @-c-- thank you! (now i wll believe that you love north korea 😅 )
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    This rant is bullshit, windows has no fans...
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    But Mac is still better :p
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