Hey everyone! As most of you probably already know, months back we added the ability to change your username on devRant (every 6 months, via settings). We've had some people recently express a desire to change their username again, beforr that period, for whatever reason.

I just reset the 6 month period for everyone, so if you had changed your username previously, you can now change it again.

Please keep in mind that when you change your username, any @mentions of you in comments no longer link to your profile.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know!

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    @AlexDeLarge I was thinking the same thing lmao
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    @AlexDeLarge Hopefully that will soon be @MissDirection
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    why would i ever want to stop being billgates?
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    Why would I stop starting new companies!
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    @elonmusk whats the next one going to be? Building a Tesla electric car powered by Solar that will get people to Mars

    ... and then we can have Star Wars for real?
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    Can we have some sort of label that tells us who they changed their name to?

    Like I spent hours trying to figure out if that's Letmecode or nah.
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    @1nfiniteLoop If you just look up LetMeCode, there is an account that basically serves as an announcement of his name change.
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    @SpencerBeige I saw that he made a post about it, but what about other users in general?
    I mean I doubt everyone is going to go 'oh btw I used to be X, now I'm Y'
    A little label wouldn't hurt. Just an idea
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    @1nfiniteLoop uhm i think ur kinda missing the main point to username changes... sometimes people don't want to be found anymore by certain people?

    It's like 1-step short of going all out nuclear.
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    Oh hey I just got a like from @MissDirection. I guess it's been changed
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    Thank you @dfox. ❤️
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    @1nfiniteLoop it's definitely a good idea. We need something. I don't like how now we don't give people any way to tell it changed/who someone is now.

    @MissDirection no problem!
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    @billgates I've suggested before, username changes don't really make you invisible to someone who knew you're old username if they really want to find you, so they probably shouldn't be used to try to do that.
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    @dfox really? I thought old username basically becomes free so unless their admin and know the email that was attached to it, they won't really know.
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    @billgates user ids are not secret and can be used to easily find the account. And then there's even simpler methods like just searching for one of their old rants.
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    @dfox oh.... I didn't know that... But apparently so.... Ok let's just hope coworkers dunno my old username...

    Guess LetMeCode was a bad test case...
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    @dfox oh ID #... I totally forgot you can lookup users by the #
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    Why would i ever want to stop being Google CEO?
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    @sundarpichai because one day you'll be replaced as Google CEO
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