When you start hiring millennials

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    "BuzzFeed = Garbage" - All the millennials I've spoken to.
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    @jhh2450 can confirm
    Well, not every millenial, but most.
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    @chadd17 I am a millennial. You will have to define garbage.
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    @chadd17 I can't read an article without wanting to shotgun an entire gallon of bleach.
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    Funny thing is I am also a millennial 😏
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    Am also millennial, don't think all of BuzzFeed is garbage. Some articles are interesting and/or funny, and many of they're YouTube shows are pretty great!
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    @fun2code I said many, not all. It's a strawman argument and a half in that video, yes, but I've had many of those questions about other men so I found it a little entertaining.
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    Lol buzzfeed is basically a tabloid, I'm a millennial and it's garbaaaageee
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    Millennial here too :^
    But to be honest, can't people just get called people?
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