I have a project at work that involves learning a bunch of AWS stuff and rewriting a couple credential-generating scripts. I don't even know what the ask is, apart from some high-level "make this SSO" so ... idfk.

I am so incredibly bored of it (and burned out in general) that I can't even look at it.

I would rather see how many times it takes to beat my head against the wall to make a hole than think about this ticket again.

"Oh, I thought you would find that fun" No. No I do not. I can't even bring myself to look at it anymore. "Well, try to push through it and get it outta here!" Ughhhhh

I hope Russia nukes the bloody company.

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    AWS is gargantuan, good luck
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    Actually, AWS sso is rather simple to set up.

    Thing is, it *replaces* traditional IAM, so, if your company hasn't been diligently controlling their IAM, it's a no go.

    So maybe that's your get out of jail free card.
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    Oh come on cloud is fun!! You love cloud tasks! Your laptop is covered in cloud stickers for Azure, AWS, Google Cloud…
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    You could offer Prigozhin asylum in your company to make change of getting nuked bit higher
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    @TeachMeCode Ha, totally.

    I hate cloud-everything services, and kind of hate stickers too.
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    @retoor Oh, you tempt.
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    Maybe sending little rocket man some kpop using company IP is worth trying too. Russia is still busy with their two day operation
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    sounds like you guys rebuilt pulumi from scratch.


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    Post Putin sucks with the company IP, the company should shoot itself in the back of the head shortly
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    "incredibly bored and burned out in general" - the point I recognised this as a Root rant :( fingers crossed for nukes šŸ¤žšŸ»
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