Security Issues with Chrome:
My dad was just saying that his work wouldn't let him use Google Chrome because of its supposed 'security issuse'. Just wondered if anyone knew of any real 'security issuse' with chrome that are legitimate? Or is it all just rumours...

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    This might have been true a couple of years ago. Hardly today, but hey, it's Google so you never know what data they collect. Maybe a packet sniffer would give an answer to that?...Oh yeah, if it's https then you can't read it anyway. Wait, perhaps that's why Google have been such advocates of SSL!... Hmmm *conspiracy-theoretical thinking face*
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    As of the latest pwn2own event chrome was the least vulnerable browser of the major browsers.

    Other than the recent puny code flaw creating a potential issue to the less observant, I’m not personally aware of any real major issues to do with security.
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    Is the secure alternative an old version of internet explorer?
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    its google
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    @CWins Yeah, they had him using IE9 instead
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    And Chromes a security issue, I quit!
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    Do they use SharePoint? If so it's probably because it won't work in chrome, only ie6.
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    Might be privacy related as Google collects quite some stuff through Chrome (source: the chrome privacy policy)
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    @Jop- I never said anything about Internet explorer 😓
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    @Jop- Re-read it about 5 times before I realized the term being used was IE and not Internet Explorer 😅. In that case I'd suggest to use Chromium or Firefox but yeah IE is a security disaster anyways!
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