What the actual fuck? Person (or people!) who devised this password policy, you are an idiot (or idiots - all of you). You are stupid and insane and have no idea about security or user experience.

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    sorry, your password must be p@$$w0rd, please try again
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    Future... Sorry your password must contain a character, number, special character, a planet name, name of a star, ur pet name, ur crush name, ur phone number, and it must be an anagram of how fucked up ur life is.
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    "abcd1234" is a valid password
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    Woah I have 3 variables of the equation. Cracking gets easier 😊
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    @bloodycoder lol and welcome to devrant
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    Memelord69 OR 69memelord
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    The worst ones are those which don't mention the rules when you fail to login.
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    That's such a funny password requirement! 😂
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    Helpful info to shave off a few years of a brute force.
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    *thanks site for giving a brute force range* 😊
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    Better: Your password must be between 6 and 7 characters and must only use the letters a, m, n, l, p ,k ,t ,c and b.

    Seriously though, I don't understand why companies think it's worthwhile to implement a password policy, and then not implement one that is actually secure.
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    I had a Credit card i canceled when i made my profile ob their site and the password policy was only letters and numbers. Min 6 man 10.

    Ok im out you ait managing my monney like this
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    Or Lordminion777
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