Guys look at how tiny it is

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    Oh, I need to pick this up.
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    PHP the good parts? lol!

    A brochure would have been enough. Maybe a few extra big images, in order to fill tge empty space.
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    basically every page has the same content with this written on it "YOU'VE BEEN FOOLED!"
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    Curious, what does it say are the good parts about php?
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    PHP the good parts... There is a separate book for complete PHP
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    Maybe it contains a photo of @dfox ! Who knows!
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    Probably just an errata stating that after the first review they found that there was nothing good about it xD
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    It's funny because it's true.
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    Funny, I wrote the same exact book a while back. It had one page which read,
    "This page intentionally left blank."
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    And yet It rules the internet
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    @nachocode granddaddy php

    Just cause it's been around a long time doesn't mean it's the best!
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    I don't understand why ppl have so much against php, I worked with quite a few backend languages and php with Apache on fastcgi can handle thousands of requests per second, for high traffic sites beats aspx and Ruby by a mile (from my own experience).

    I work in ad industry and response time is absolutely no.1 factor in language selection.

    And it is OO language, very modular and easy to extend.

    I worked with nodejs, Ruby on rails and golang, which all have it's pros against php, but would not use them for high traffic sites.

    Maybe syntax looks ugly compared to modern languages (ppl have different tastes), but that alone is not a reason enough not to opt for it.
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    JavaScript the good parts is about as thin as this book
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    Imma just drop this here :)
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    @Greggergalactic 150 / 30 = 5. Pretty sure never gonna give you up is longer than 5 sec :)
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