Do you ever wonder what IDE the developers used to make the new IDEs 🤔

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    well if you know about codedom (know it of c#) it could use the code you write to recompile
    so thinking of this

    you could write software that will write software that will continue the task over and over again.
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    The same question as what did Linus use for version control while developing git?
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    @fdgram they use git alpha version
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    Binary language entered with paper punched codes in COBOL. Probably...
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    They write always in assembler 😎😎
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    @maykdev like using atom to modify and develop atom source. Nice
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    @agentQ huh I would've guessed manual magnetic memory allocation
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    Black magic
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    What I find quite more interesting is what compiler compiled the first compiler.
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    @JustKidding it's called bootstrapping. You build a simple compiler with assembly, and then use this to create a more advanced compiler, with which an even more advanced compiler can be built, etc. Ken Thompson's Trusting Trust is a good read.
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    @fdgram While that sounds reasonable I think (without having read any sources) the first compiler was directly build with machine code (or punch cards, if thats the correct english word) since assembly itself also needs to be compiled.
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    @JustKidding the first assembler was definitely built directly with machine code; the first compiler could then be built with this assembler
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    Windows: notepad
    Mac: Text Edit
    Linux: Gedit
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