I like my humour how I like my UI.


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    Well... that actually makes sense.
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    Made me chuckle
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    Just how I like my coffee.
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    Made me breath a bit harder for a second. You get a ++.
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    @jAsE umm, wut?
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    @ThatDude ooh ooh. I have one.
    What do you call a dead baby in a blender?

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    A toast for black humor.
    Slightly burned, for extra byte.

    Daamn, Did you see that nerd?
    - yeah. looks like Java beans slightly out of her league.

    // yup, my humor is horrible. Ba^dum-dish.

    What's the name of the Japanese tourist minister
    - camping-San

    // I'll see myself out.
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    How many babies does it take to tile a floor?

    Depends how thin you slice them.
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    How many babies does it take to pain a wall?

    Depends how hard you throw.
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    Who's the world's greatest Jewish cook?

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    Why was white chocolate invented?

    So black people wouldn't eat their fingers.
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    I like my lovers the same way I like my burgers
    Dead and covered in cheese😗
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    If a retard is Mario-depressive, does he have ups & downs syndrome?
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    @nahson hahaha sorry man, not my intention.:-D
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    Welp, based on the caliber of the jokes here, I feel obligated to drop one of my favorites.

    The people in the twin towers on 9/11 ordered from Domino's. They ended up getting Jets.
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    What is the difference between an abortion and a brick?

    You can't smear a brick on toast.
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    Women are like a hurricane, at first warm wet and wild and in the end they take your house, your dog and your car and leave you with nothing.

    I leave my self out
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    UI ya guys!! That is just..way tooo d a r k !! ) Mwuahhaaaaa..
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    Dark humor certainly isn't everyone's cup of liquidized dead baby.
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    I hope that's not the only thing you like dark. If you know what I ...

    No offense though.
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    I like you how I like my PC beautiful outside powerful inside
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    yeah, because dark is the new light
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    So, the UI should be pitch black?
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    Go for the stressball.. only few ++ left!!
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    @gedankennebel I wish! 72 != few ):
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