What's everyone's plan for after the AI takeover?

I'm thinking machining. Unless they took up AI to CNC...

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    AI prompter
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    Suckkin robot dickkk
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    (Jk jk jk)
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    Treat AI politely now so that it will show you favor after it becomes the overlord.
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    Don't worry, the AI will keep humans around to do useful tasks - they'll just blend in as other humans so we'll never know the overthrow has happened.

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    Dude, we're techies. When AI finally takes over, it will keep the best, most interesting and healthy jobs to itself, and leave human flesh bags to do menial, stressfull and boring jobs.
    We are safe.
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    I'll probably kill myself before it happens 🤷‍♀️
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    I don't think you get to pick the job. I think they'll pick the job for you. After they have deemed you worthy to continue living.
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    I won't be alive then, so no point in thinking in that direction

    ...unless they figure out how to make our life longer ;)
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    @MammaNeedHummus but mammahummus, they'll have *robots* to suck robo dicks!
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    @kiki if i'm being honest, some of us thought you had already died.

    but i've been gone a minute. whats it been like on your end?
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