I can't believe people are willing to scan their faces, fingerprints, and retinas on their phones.

Such data is very sensitive as it can't be changed easily.
CCTV is now everywhere and everyone has his own scanner providing data for tracking people.

Am I too paranoid?

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    Absolutely. Terrifying.
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    I use fingerprint on my ID but my phone is rather locked down.
    PIN < fingerprint

    Besides I've never ever taken my fingerprint anywhere for anything. So only my phone actually would know it but isn't allowed to send it to google and friends.

    If I couldn't check above statement I wouldn't use it. I must admit that is laziness that I let this be used instead of a 4 digit pin which is just as easy to crack.
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    we're with you Ron
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    You won't be paranoid (or you may be even more so) when facial recognition is used to login to say.. bank websites! Relatively useless at the moment I think but in the future it could be major
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    And those things don't even protect against the "mates screwing with you while drunk" scenario, never mind the NSA.
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    @d4ng3r0u5 brings the term "faceraped" into a whoooooole New context
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