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    @AlexDeLarge In the comic, the man is holding up two fingers, or two ones, or 11. Converting the binary number 11 to decimal yields 3. That's the joke in the comic, hence the binary tag. Your reason in index 3 is invalid; you're reason for index 2 seems completely irrelevant to the post.
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    @AlexDeLarge you're saying that counting is not zero based. Why are you counting from zero, then? You're doing "0. ", not "arguments[0]".
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    @AlexDeLarge 1. I'm not talking about the comic.
    2. You _are_ counting from zero.
    3. This is my _third_ argument, hence the number three.

    This is not an array and thus you cannot index it.

    arguments[0] = "This is the first argument";
    arguments[1] = "Here comes the second!";

    However the above makes sense. It's not rocket surgery.
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    @AlexDeLarge yes, you're listing points. So the first point gets a number one, the second a number two, etc. That's called counting.
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    @AlexDeLarge array[0]. The problem is: you're not doing that.

    Maybe you should post this one in that thread again, because you're very good at making a fool out of yourself continuously. But don't worry, you'll mature one day too, hopefully.
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    @AlexDeLarge yes, the last item is the 4th item. If your points were an array, the last element would have the index 3 -- but alas, it is not. Even then, a point list is counted, not index.

    In an AFK argument you don't raise your fist and state "zerothly, blah, firstly, bluh, secondly, bleh".
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    @AlexDeLarge you did, and that's why it's incorrect.
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    @AlexDeLarge just stop counting from zero and all is well.
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    @fdgram just run a stopwatch on ur phone and see if it starts from 0 or 1.
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    @sSam comparing apples to pears
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    This is a retarded discussion. However, in my opinion you index the points in a list and not count them. Counting would be how many points your list has.
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    1 denotes the 1st item. There's no indexing in such an enumerated list.
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    Well... This was a fun read. Thanks for the comments everyone!
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    @fun2code Back to the jokes, are we? :P
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