If you're a reasonably established dev and looking for a new role, never.. EVER make your CV public on a job board! I put it up for one day, ONE DAY and yesterday I had 42 phone calls, 15 voice messages and about 25 emails. How is anyone supposed to choose a meaningful, suited opportunity in all that! Information overload! And then trying to sort out times for someone you are interested in to phone you and picking up the phone at that time to accidental answer the phone to someone else (a new agent who has some excellent job roles for you!). Fuck this. Immediately took it down and hoping to look and apply to some myself that I like the look of. Don't do it man, unless you're a junior and it can be quite humbling how agency led it is, look for the right job yourself and apply individually! I have been on edge the last few days, especially where I haven't told my current place I am looking yet!

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    Noted. Next time I'm depressed I know what to do to feel better about myself.
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    @JeniEm I'm willing to be bet that will draw a lot of crowd funding if you actually put it up lol
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    I would just like to say I agree... But if you are looking for a job abroad with visa sponsor, then it's fine to do this on a job board for the foreign country since it's much harder to find a job this way
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