I finally subscribe to Netflix and am proud of myself for finally watching shows legally.

I search for Arrested Development.

Oh, guess what, it's not available in my country (Lebanon). Gotta set up a vpn now but all I wanted was a nice funny show. I want my $12 back.

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    ++ for arrested development!!
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    Hey man don't feel down, look at the bright side since you can't watch that you can hello me with id password. I wouldn't mind having it after all this community is to help each other, isn't it? 😂😂
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    @rawanmk haha
    Yeah, that's been my general experience with Netflix as well ...
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    All those legal streaming platforms are nowhere near killing piracy due to missing content and restrictions like that. (well, the price too..)

    I want to save series X to "watch later" and watch it whenever I want, not while they have a temporary contract with the producer.
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    Yep, piracy is the only way to make sure certain shows are always available. I enjoy paying for what I like, but sometimes there just isn't a way to!
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    Wow, there must be dozens of you.
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    I finally decided to buy myself a VPS tous put my own OpenVPN server on it and grabbed an old laptop that will serve as media center and torrenting client through the VPN
    Okay it took me a day or two to find the proper settings and stuff for good ease of use, but at least now nothing can restrict me :)
    (For those that are interested, search for an OpenVPN server creation script on GitHub, check out deluged and deluge-web, you might also like Kodi and it's subtitles add-on)
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    I literally canceled my free trial because it's so bad...
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    Just use holla extension ;)
    Tho they collect data !!!!
    So watch it in the vm 😂
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    Streaming could have been the answer to piracy if geoblocking and exclusives were not a thing.

    Now I have to subscribe to multiple services and a decent VPN to watch legal tv “illegally”.
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    That's the main reason why pirated versions and cracked versions are existing. We want to pay for certain things, but it is not convenient and in some cases not even possible to pay.
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    It's weird how is not available for you. I thought Netflix owned the rights so would have thought it would be available everywhere.
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