Just tech screened a kid for a senior Network automation role, in a specific niche.

He's never automated anything before. Didn't know networking basics, didn't know about the niche...

This guy hasn't heard of unit testing or UDP... good luck out there kid. You've got balls anyway.

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    Recruiter probably never saw his resume, or it’s so full of bullshit even George Santos would cringe
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    The resume wasn't good. A few Shopify pages on upworks. I don't know how it got through...
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    Wtf I bet there were people with legit experience who were turned away, probably due to lack of “JSON experience”
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    They spent half the call like a deer in the headlights. Poor guy. There must not be many junior level positions these days.
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    Somewhere else there was a specialist being interviewed for a trainee role.
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    How come these kids with no technical knowledge get past the stupid HR interviews and I don't :(
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    @nururururu you’re “overqualified” “lack passion” and won’t take a lowball salary
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    Related to someone at work?
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    "have you ever automated anything before?"


    "Okay, let's go through a hypothetical. Let's say you have a fleet of machines that need updating. The procedure is to copy the update file to each one, log in to each one, and issue a command to run the update file. How would you automate that?"


    That's okay, would you use a scripting language like Python, a bash script, or a compiled language like c or go? And why?


    Have you done bash scripting before?

    ... no

    That's okay, let's say you pick Python. How would you handle uploading the files? What about connecting to the boxes?


    And so on.
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    The description you gave sounds like a devops role? Isn't it a pre-req to know bash scripting? Or possibly how to run powershell?
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    That's not balls, that's entitlement. It's way too often I interview applicants who can't answer the simplest question but ask for salary higher than my own.
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    @Demolishun network automation role. There's definitely some overlap with devops, and it's not a junior role.

    We look for all the requirements of network engineering AND software engineering as well. The pay is decent though.
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    @jestdotty Oh, I think I am but I'm also aware I'm in top 25% of my field where I live. The only way up is to move or start my own company because it's hard to work remotely for foreign entities as a private person and it's a nightmare to have a company here. So basically I'd have to move.

    Actually yesterday I had a questionable pleasure of another interview, I'll post about it in a minute or two because part of it was funny.
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