Going to have to do multiple rants on this one as I've had three awesome teachers.

Number one: Linux teacher.

He was around his 40's to mid 40's I think and he loved talking to people who also had the same passion (linux) about it.

When we had Linux classes which everyone hated, he'd always let me free. He knew I'd be able to finish the 10 weeks' assignments within an hour or so (took me half an hour instead of 10 lessons) so he just said: go do whatever you want.

Aaaaand instead of doing my own thing I ended up saving the whole class.

Yeah he was a very open minded guy who was awesome with linux/the students.

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    Glad he saw your potential and skills. I feel you two had plenty of chats about Linux and likely other commonalities.
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    @QueenMorgana Yup we did! The final grading conversation where you had to show your work was funny. Everyone was nervous as fuck and I went in there and we talked for half an hour about shells, software, kernel stuff and so on. I think I got the best grade haha
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    @linuxxx so where did u learn Linux?
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    So... Did u pass? 😉
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    @ThatDude It's been bought by a Chinese company a while ago, I don't trust it myself.
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    @thevariableman From scratch, all by myself :). Just trial and error and looking up loads of stuff!
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    @Faraaz Tbh I never got the official grade but no none did. Teacher said so though hahs
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    @ThatDude Yup, me too :/. Right now I use regular services but I Encryptr everything locally before the upload happens!
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    @ThatDude Yup know that one. Not sure if it's FOSS though...
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    Buaaa am I that old?
    Never learned Linux in school
    Not html
    Not Java
    Not flash
    (the cool stuff kids next year learned)
    To try Linux I had to pay for 4 CDS of Debian and try to install it in old computers...
    Problem was, when it was installed, what to do?
    So my experience with Linux have been over the years, install, check what the distro cames with, format, try something else...

    So... I've been a Microsoft user (dos then windows) since I was 10...
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