!dev !rant - only very sad

I have been through the worst and saddest week of my life.
Sadly, it's getting worse every day.

I've been travelling around the world in my RV for years and haven't seen my parents for several years. Since I recently successfully completed a huge project and now have some spare time, I thought it would be nice to visit my parents. Everything went well. We were glad to see each other after a long time and had a nice day together. My father works as a security guard and had to go to work early in the evening. So I stayed alone with my mother.

In the evening my mother went to bed earlier than usual because she didn't feel well. I wished her a good night and wanted to surf the internet. But somehow I had a strange feeling (maybe a premonition) and after 5 minutes I went into her bedroom to bring her a glass of water and at this very moment she suffered a heart attack. I threw it all away and called 911 immediately. I shouted the address into the phone, screamed emergency, heart failure, unconscious while trying to start resuscitation at the same time. Fortunately, the ambulance was nearby, arrived in just a few minutes, pushed me aside and started the resuscitation procedure. It took more than an hour and dozens of electric shocks to even get a pulse.

The ambulance took her to the hospital for further medical treatment. I was in the hospital all night until at least she had a stable pulse.

As soon as I returned to my parents' house (the car was still warm, hardly 3 minutes have passed), my father, who had returned from work a few minutes earlier, suddenly suffered a thrombosis in his leg. The whole leg was slowly turning black. I immediately dragged him into the car and drove him as fast as I could to the hospital.

It's Sunday now. I haven't slept since Thursday and I've been in the hospital all the time. Both are in a coma, fighting for their lives. I thought it couldn't get any worse, my mother got sepsis and pneumonia today.

Now I have returned to my parents' house and pray that both of them will survive. Can't sleep even though I'm tired to death. Can't work, try to distract me somehow. Maybe I'll be able to sleep at least two hours. Then I'll go back to the hospital.

What a damn fuckin' week.

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    Shit. And I thought my week was crappy. Hang in there man.
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    Stay strong dude, thats extremely tough
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    Stay strong brother
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    I wish you and your family only the best, hope that your parents will return to good health soon! And try to get some sleep, you did really well that weekend, now you need a little rest...
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    You're a hero. I'm so sorry you had to suffer all that but I'm so glad you were there to help them. You did such a good thing.
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    So sorry about everything, man. If/when they pull out of this, don't ever forget that you saved your parents' lives.
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    Sounds like you have done all you can. Get some rest and let the doctors take care of your parents.
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    Wow. I ... I don't even know what to say.
    That's awful. Stay strong πŸ’›
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    @sslPoodle I agree, it really puts our entire lives in perspective
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    My best wishes man, stay strong. Get some rest and hopefully it will all end soon, God is good.
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    Man, you Need to stay strong.
    You was there when they needed you and that is the most important thing.

    I know the feeling of be helpless when you try to figure out a situation like that and nothing happens, waiting for a breathe or a pulse.. It will be hard in anyway, but you did the 200%!
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    It is fortunate that you came to be present there when it was such a critical hour of need.
    This means that whatever you are going through, at last, everything will be fine and back to normal. Just believe, my friend. Have faith & patience.

    Prayers for your family. _/\_
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    Full on! Solidarity brother, that is a shit fight and a half. Keep your chin up, stay strong and make sure you get some support from friends / family on the ground - you need support too πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
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    Take care. Stay strong. Hope everything turns out well.
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    Dunno how much it means, but I'll be praying for you.
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    Can not even start to imagine what you are feeling and going through. Hang in there!
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    Hope everything works out for you and your parents. You’ll always have our support πŸ’š
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    Just call your friends for support , I know most of us don’t , but they are around , there are more people to look after your parents plus they have a clearer mind than you , they might be helpful :)
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    Stay strong. Hope it will end up fine.
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    I wish you and your family all the best. Stay strong!
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    My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. Be strong bud!
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    Testing your patience.
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    Stay strong.
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    How awful. I wish you the best of luck to you and your family
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    You’re incredible for doing what you have done so far. You should be proud of that. Hang in there and remember to look after yourself too!
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    Hey man, this is shocking but you have to believe in your family!
    They can do this, just don't give up on them and stay with your parents!
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    Start strong, man. Hang in there.
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    Wow, that's tough. Praying for you.
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    Hope they both pull through and hope you are doing ok.
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    Thank you all very much for your get-well wishes, sympathy and encouragement.

    I stood at her bed for almost 16 hours every day, held her hand, talked to her and finally ... after almost 2 weeks of struggle for survival my mother opened her eyes for the first time today. I thought I lost her. Indescribable emotions.

    Pneumonia has decreased noticeably, the sepsis is almost over. She still has a long way to go, but she's fighting. She's tough as leather. She won't let herself be thrown out of life for such a trifle.

    My father is not doing better. I managed to get my father to the hospital just in time, so that the surgeons will most likely be able to avert an amputation of both legs. He has already survived several dozens of operations, and many more serious operations are yet to come.

    You can buy any shit for money, but you can't buy health. Time for me to think about my own life. Money isn't everything.
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    Very glad to hear your mother woke up!!!
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    @tracktraps that's awesome news on your ma! These mums are not to be messed with, tough as!

    Here's hoping your father gets better too :) πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
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    Good to hear your parents are both hanging in there!
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    Last night we were full of hope that she would finally recover. She breathed alone, her temperature dropped, blood values slowly returned to normal.

    We were just waiting for her to wake up, but today at noon a new inflammation has broken out and she is fighting again for her life. The doctors hope that she will survive the night.

    I'm so helpless. All I can do is pray and hope :(

    Life sucks.
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    @tracktraps hang in there buddy, it's a really tough hand you've been served. Do what you need to do, hope for the best, but acknowledge the worst. Really hope she pulls through mate, really I do.

    Went through the same myself a few years ago, it's damn hard, I can't lie. Just be strong, but make sure you look after yourself. Eat, drink and try and get rest when you can - have you got any support locally?
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    Yesterday I spoke to the doctors and they told me that only a miracle and God can help and that she will probably remain in a persistent vegetative / minimally conscious state forever. I should be preparing to let the doctors shut down the machines that keep her alive.

    Today they did another MRI ... and you know what?

    She woke up for the first time this evening. Only for a few minutes, but that's enough for the doctors to continue treating her. Her chances of surviving and living a normal life have risen from 0% to over 80%. She still has a long way to go, but for the first time the doctors are sure that she will make it.
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    @tracktraps that's fantastic mate! Hang in there, keeping all limbs crossed for you guys πŸ‘Š Your mum sounds like hell of a fighter!
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    @woodwardmatt thanks mate. Yes, she's a fighter ... she survived four pneumonia and three sepsis in 4 weeks. If she wants to live, there's nothing that can stop her. Thank God!
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    @tracktraps We believe in her! I'm sending more good thoughts to you and your family.
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    Hope it gets better πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ˜•πŸ˜•β˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈ
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    @tracktraps I feel terrible I came across this just now. After not seeing you for a while, I thought I'd check your profile and saw this, I hope by now theres more good news and for the best for you and your family. Please update us, we do care.
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    An update for all those who might be interested.

    My father's back home. Both legs could be saved. He's got a dozen bypasses now, but the main thing is that the legs are still there. He cannot walk yet - it will take months - but he is getting better every day.
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    My mother's not doing so well. She has had pneumonia seven times and sepsis four times. She survived everything, but is artificially ventilated (trachial incision) and the brain is definitely damaged. Less than originally expected, but nevertheless there is a damage due to lack of oxygen.

    In the meantime, she has been transferred to another hospital specialized for brain damage treatment. Sometimes she is completely awake for a few minutes and her eyes are open, sometimes she does not react for several days, not even on pain stimuli. She is still in danger of death - for almost 9 weeks now. Every day we pray that things will finally get better. Unfortunately, she still cannot live without the support of machines.
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    Thank goodness the doctors are very competent and willing to try experimental treatment methods if her condition does not improve in the next few weeks. There are very confident studies from the USA, Australia and Japan, which have shown very good results for patients with coma and brain damage. (L-Dopa, Vigil, Modafinil, Zolpidem, ...).

    At the moment, the doctors are discussing which treatment method to use. Unfortunately, every drug also has side effects that could potentially be fatal.

    In any case, she will spend Christmas in the hospital and will probably stay there for at least the next 12 months or even years :(
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    @tracktraps sorry to hear that man, I wish you and your family all the best and good luck for your mother
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    @tracktraps Good luck to your mother. Wishing you all the best.
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