Hii everyone, this is my 1st rent here..
i have been developing for Android since almost 3 years now,i have worked on many apps and have 3 live apps of my own on playstore and as I'm Currently in final year of college i will be graduating in few months now,
So i am looking for job right now,
I gave interviews at 2 companies but they told me as i don't have professional experience they can only take me as a fresher...

I wanted to ask if this is really the case for every jobs in industry,
Will i have to start as a fresher...?

Do you guys have any advice on what i can say in such situations in future...?

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    @ThatDude thanks :)
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    I'm assuming you are from India here unless you work in a company for atleast a year in the relevant department you are considered as a fresher that's the hard fact... Goggle's Android certification could help you leverage for higher package though
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    @thevariableman thanks for your reply
    yes i am from India...
    I am also Android basic nanodegre graduate...And sure i will be taking google certification exam soon...

    What else can i do for better opportunities....?
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    Hey... You could go for the big, blue chip companies. Their pay package is higher than others even at a fresher level.
    You have to prove yourself well in the interviews tho.
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    @anirudhkhanna yes but i have heard that in big companies your chances to learn new things and grow are limited than that in some smaller company...
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    @kushal that may be true. You could then avoid the big established names but target the companies which are apparently 'start ups' but are big in innovation. Like CodeNation, or OYO Rooms, OLA. I am in one such company and believe me, there is a lot more first hand experience here.
    The pay package of such companies is also often in competence with the big players (sometimes even more).

    The highest package offered in my college was by a startup. Jus saying.
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    @anirudhkhanna cool that sounds like a nice idea, i will definitely try getting a job in such companies...
    Thanks and happy new year :)
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    @kushal wishes of a prosperous New Year to you too!
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