I've had this twice in a very short period of time now and it really pisses me the fuck off.

Sitting in the train (I think the grammatically correct version is on the train but no that would be a little too dangerous for me I think), on my phone devRanting/Signalling/Rioting around when an an elderly person says (aiming towards me):

"Oh, youngsters and their technology, where has socializing gone? Why are you people always on your phones? Go socialize sometimes!"

Excuse me but fuck right off.

Because you know what, I am currently socializing.

Just not in the way you are used to or maybe even 'okay with'.

I'm talking with friends from all around the world (Signal + Riot), participating in interesting discussions (on here) and what not.

I do have very strict rules for myself though. When in company with people I am actually going to socialize with or when hanging out with friends, the phone goes the fuck away unless I NEED to be reachable.

But I'm on a fucking train with people I don't know and frankly I'm done with socializing for the day as I've had to hear (often stupid) people asking for help all day long.

Next to that, I don't know you, you don't know me, who am I to judge you? I'm not going to socialize with anyone here anyways and even if they'd like to, I'm fucking done with people for to-fucking-day.

Sincerely fuck off please.

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    Why would anybody socialize in a situation, when I just got annoyed ny the person talking to me. By accusing me not to be social. You don't fucking know me, fuck off.
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    Well you shouldn't be rioting in / on a train ;)

    I have also had this happen to me quite often
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    I find, a good set of noise cancelling headphones and not paying any attention to the ransoms works well for my daily commutes.
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    People need to understand that I require online communication to do basically any of my hobbies..

    I literally said this to someone a month or two ago:

    I'm not being antisocial, I am talking to my friend (@linuxxx, I can call you a friend right??) About making a website..
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    I have met a lot more nice people online than I have in real life
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    @ewpratten Yeah of course haha!
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    @C0D4 but then everyone asks you for directions. No joke, I used to walk around my college campus with ear buds, no one bothered me. I got myself some good headphones (sound quality ftw) and I literally once had a car pull into the cross walk to stop me to ask directions (this was peek walker commuting hour, I was not the only one there to say the least). Like the bigger the headphones the more everyone ever in the world wants to talk to you.
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    @linuxxx put a sign on your head "I am talking to my real friends. I have no time to make pleasantries with muggles."
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    @404response so true... A lot of the people I know irl are really bad people
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    Really? I don’t get that at all.
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