I am just wondering.

Have you guys ever sleep walked?

How was the experience and where did you end up waking up at?

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    Yes !! Its like you're dreaming reality. I still don't remember how I came back home 😑😑
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    I walked into the kitchen where my dad was cleaning late one night and told him I had caught it.

    I woke my entire family up playing my guitar one night.

    I drug my bed sheets and the comforter into the living room.

    This only happens to me when I'm extremely tired.
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    Yes. Otherwise known as last years release.

    Waking up wasn't pleasant.
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    Last time I woke in the woods with the flavour of blood in my mouth...

    No but rly I used to when I was a kid, it never happened again after my 12 years or so.

    I remember I walked to the bathroom and took a piss. Without opening the toilet. Proceeded to go back to bed. Mama so happy.
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    I did. I woke up the next morning, my gf told me I had done the washing up, the laundry, after what I have gone back to bed.
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    I was when I was younger.

    I used to get up at night crying and screaming about monsters I was seeing.
    Then my parents would come to me to wake me up, and I started screaming even more because I would also see them as monsters.
    The next morning my mother asked me about it, and I never remember anything
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    I never did, but a friend of mine did. He lived in a house similar to mine, but instead of a closet there was a toilet in his. He sleep walked to the "toilet" and.. oh well.. you can guess..
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    I haven't, but my father did when he was a child.

    One morning he woke up behind a wardrobe, where he wouldn't be able to get to if he tried to do it while awake.

    They tested it, and also had problems pulling him from behind it, had to move the whole thing away from the wall more.
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    I did. I stood up, screamed at the wall and got back in bed.
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    Yes i travelled a couple meters to a bucket and pissed in it then went back to bed.
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    Well i do sleep code at night
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