Our programming teacher had a surgery on his left eye and will not be able to do the lessons with us. Guess what the subject of the email he sent us was.

"I can't C#."
He made a pun about his fucking health status, alright then.

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    One of our lecturers had something with his eye too but he just continued giving lectures with an eyepatch
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    I hope he doesn't go ahead and tell you to use C# - that would just be mean
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    Holy shit I want him as my teacher 😂
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    @encore That's the language we are being "taught" in school.
    I know it already so most of the time I'm bored anyway.
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    Cool af.
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    What a fucking legend.
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    Omg I love his level of humour!
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    Golden. Is C# part of the curriculum as well?

    You gotta be careful with these pun lovers sometimes. They have a tendency to stage major life changing events for the meer feeble opportunity to land a good pun.
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    @eArshdeep He doesn't do puns too often.
    Also yes, C# is the main language in the Curriculum.
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    @filthyranter Yeah, it's always the quiet ones that lead a double pun life.
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    He should ask his doctor if C++ is right for him.
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    He probably waited his entire teaching career for this moment
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    @itsnameless Funny thing is, I ranted about him because he was a substitute for our old teacher, and he didn't know C# very well, apparently. His code doesn't suck anymore and he's good at explaining stuff, which is nice because then my classmates hopefully get what he's saying and I don't have too-shitty partners when it comes to partner projects.
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    hahaha awesome teacher
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