1: Get a dog
2: Name dog Sudo
3: Teach Sudo to fetch my mail
4: Invite Linux-friend over
5: Yell "sudo fetchmail"
6: ?
7: Profit

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    Could be interesting, providing that you don't care about the state of the fetched mails 😅
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    I named my dog sudo. Wife still hates me for it.
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    Why would you run fetchmail as root?
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    @bahua for the sake of a joke
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    I'm literally going to name my dog Sudo because of this. I mean, there's no one who would mind.
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    @rantOverflow By default, pi user on the Raspberry Pi doesn't have to type in a password when using sudo.
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    @rantOverflow Hum... I wonder, how do you format a dog?🤔
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    @rantOverflow And on any other machine, you have to input your password once per shell session. So you'll have to input it only once during your dog's lifetime.
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    Also, it takes a very specific, definitely not default setting to make sudo require root's password, instead of your own.
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    @rantOverflow exactly how it works. I tell the dog to go outside. It runs to the wife to see if she really has to go outside.
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    @rantOverflow Well, that's just hibernating, after resuming, the shell is still open
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    You guys are thinking too much into this
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    What kind of profit are we talking about?
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    I'm a Linux sysadmin, and I have never encountered a distribution that sets sudo to require root's password by default. I've only seen it as a customization in large corporate environments, seemingly as a deterrent against using sudo. But it's a terrible idea, as sudo lets you just store a password in plain text and call the file with a flag to sudo, so the result of that was a bunch of users storing the root password in plain text.
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    @rantOverflow thank you sir for the RCA. Poor internal controls. I specialize in IT security controls. Give me a call.
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    @Totchinuko formatting a dog is as simple as giving it a lot of food and waiting until it's 32 years old.....

    Get it?



    On the other hand......

    Give it 4 stilts and you have

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    @ewpratten 🤣 nice. Had a good laugh on this.
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    Guess that's what they call "Puppy Linux"...
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    This really made my day, Thanks!
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    best rant ever.😂😂
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