Is something wrong with Chrome???

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    Switch to Internet Explorer...
    MY EYESS!!!
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    I think its intentional and have been like this a while.

    Think latest FF also stopped supporting it.

    NPAPI is an old netscape plugin architecture that do not work with multithreaded, or maybe it was a security issue.
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    Nah !! it's just Microsoft messing with ya
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    Chrome ended support for NPAPI long time ago. You can enable again by a hack. Search google
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    Looks right to me.
    If you really need to enable java its somewhere within the

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    Nope! There's nothing wrong. They have intentionally removed npapi support for different reasons. Oracle wants you to use a browser that still supports this deprecated and unsafe technology. In other words, they want you to use a browser that there IS something wrong with.
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    @C0D4 latest versions have the flag removed
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    @Voxera was because of security because it had direct access to system calls I think
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    Who the fuck needs Java in a browser anyway? Huh? Nothing wrong with Java, nothing wrong with Chrome.
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    You could.download the plug-in and run it locally
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    @filthyranter I'm just here to read your comment, so I don't have to write the same, thank you!
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    Nothing wrong with Chrome they just don't support those apis. Even Firefox dropped the support in Firefox 52. If you really need Java in a browser you need to use internet explorer
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    @inpothet on second thought don’t take my advise and search for the flags

    Looks like your opening IE.
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    @C0D4 only if I need to do things to my modem xD
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