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    Atlasssian Bitbucket has broken umlauts since version 8.0 ...

    Ladies and gentleman,

    it's the year 2022.

    In the internet, dat "Neuland" as Mama Merkel used to say, Atlassian managed to revert back to the good old times of ASCII.

    Who needs proper multibyte charset support anyway?

    Just display broken shit - as broken as the quality management of that misanthropic chum bucket company called Atlassian.

    Oh and the last upgrade to Confluence broke, too.

    Was just very needed because of an remote code execution.

    Cause you know the usual deal. Oops zero exploit, let's make it public, telling our customers that in cloud their data is safe, otherwise they need to shut off their instances or pray that they have a WAF that can filter strings...

    What broke you might ask?

    Unique constraint in database, the migration wizard loved to add few extra rows, solution was to fry the rows while instance running, followed by immediate cache drop, otherwise fun started again.

    I hate Atlassian.