Bring the funny...

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    "Comparison a == b may cause unexpected type coercion"
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    Had to giggle cus spongebob.

    Had to supress triggering cus whining about weak check doing type correction so your NUMBERS (get that integer/float difference shit outta here) are the friggin same and thats why you do strict check with 3 of those equal signs. And before anybody tells me how dumb that is, pls take a look at some good old pascal using fucking := for assignment, thanks.

    Had fun overall, take a ++.
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    Auto-typecasting makes me scream in fury! 😠
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    Not the same, but they *are* equal. 😉
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    @devios1 All variables are created equal, but some are more equal than others?

    Oh dear...
    Are we going to have a problem with the pigs now?
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    @Ashkin I understood that reference.
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    @riteshx95 ???
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    @riteshx95 No.
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    In JavaScript terms, == compares values, and === compares values and types. I like Patrick Star, I do not like memes.
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    How to make Patrick smarter:
    "use strict"
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    @irene well it makes sense im OO languages to differ between "is exact same ressource (reference)" or "is thingy with sameish value".

    But in js that stuff is kinda weird, i have to admit this.
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    @irene nah thats not what i meant, you are completely right.

    I mean more like {prop:33} equals {prop:33}. Reference-wise they aren't equal. But value-wise they are.
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    Loose equality (==) will first convert one of the two operands to a common type and then will perform a Strict equality operation as usual.

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    @devios1 I'm going to be the asshole that says Men == Woman
    Not the same, but "are" equal
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