The nickname of a person above your comment will be the name of your next project, tell us what it's about (be creative)

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    I don’t get it?
    I’m making some ugly code base for a tutorial?
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    A hex editor, I'd say
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    Security system with a keypad
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    A database that keeps track of books read by Teage Ezard... Idk any other terms with the name Ezard lol.
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    Microphone hell election.

    To solve the Iowa caucus they put a sort of applausometer. All elections move to this method of voting.
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    @SHA-16384 is a new version of SHA because 512 is not strong enough for my needs.
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    Oh well. One more copy of a game I totally won't like because I don't like fps.
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    Blood Angel,
    Oh cool..
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    A excel clone
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    A machine learning algorithm that finds delicious burger receipts not discovered yet
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    Intelligent Ram Exchange NEtwork..
    Share your RAM over network. Also With free RAM download links..
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    Sbin, short for stab binladin. You will revisit the assassination of asmama binladin in the super patriotic fps!
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    @luper a new language, like Lua, but with more loops
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    @f7u12 U will be a Programm where an Easter egg can activated with your name
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    @codumke - A fully-featured Javascript Web IDE

    (idk lol)
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    A program that gets i/o from the sky. (sky-o)
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    A devRant clone but for non-devs to rant about devs (jerodev sounds similar enough to zerodev LoL)
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    Nano robots factory.

    // Sorry about my username next guy.
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    A new startup that uses calories in food to make biological weapons. Like the diabetes bomb
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    @Mrasta - A premium pasta online shop
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