i'm starting to hate the whole goddamn thing

hating making "content"

hating making "posts"

hating the goddamn screen

hating doing shit that doesn't matter

i want to just do a 3 month sabbatical in indonesia or somewhere... where i just don't have to think or at least put on a facade that i'm thinking

i think i mentioned the last times i took holiday... well let's get started on the last time i took holiday for more than two weeks... uh that would have to be 2019

fuck covid fuck the profit motive fuck chasing everything i quit


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    haha get rekt clown ๐Ÿคก
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    Get yourself a break from the circus man, you deserve it. And I’m pretty certain you’ll not regret it. And hopefully not get back to that circus. No point in wasting your time until you’re properly burned out.

    I feel you’ll get a new job easily, get a remote one, 20/h week, go travel around slowly.
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    did you know that every piece of land other than Indonesia was officially called Outdonesia?
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    @dder oh, i have a job , though its 45h / week +

    me -> ๐Ÿคก
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    @fullstackcircus which would be too much, at least for many, including me. time is worth more. (There has never a report of one’s death bed saying “I wish I had worked more”)
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    I’m in Indonesia right this moment. Posting on devRant.
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    @bosslogic REEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

    where abouts? I don't want to be a basic clown and go to somewhere like phuket, so i'm looking more quiet beach areas

    either that or yolo rager in bangkok
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    @fullstackcircus I think Phuket is in Thailand but yes that's also SE Asia. Indonesia "basic" is probably Bali. I'm way off that route in Jakarta, which is a massively polluted metropolis lol. Still amazing, but not any sort of idyllic scene.

    A less touristy beach spot in Indo might be Lombok.
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    oops western me confused them ๐Ÿ˜…

    names too big
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