I hope this is not illegal content, as I don't want to "Advertise" here but would like to share my first game on Steam with the community, as I am really proud of it.
There's a free playtest soon and dev opinions are much appreciated! Let me know guys what you think. https://store.steampowered.com/app/...

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    Looks too hardcore for me personally 😂
    But I can appreciate technical and artistic aspects.
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    @Lensflare Yeah, my target audience is really slim 😅 Thank you for checking it out 🙏
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    VVVVVV on steroids! Cool!
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    Looks like something I'd play and invest ridiculous amount of time in it!
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    @devJs :D You are the first person who said that would actually play it. :) Thanks, this keeps me motivated
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    @blindXfish looks like ninja skills are needed, I am all in for hard ass games. I need to feel that I have to put some effort to have fun and this clearly looks like a game that needs effort and skill development to progress.

    Let us know when we can give you money for it.

    Just curious in the tech stack / dev environment you are using.

    Also what OSs will you support? I use all of them, just curious.
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    @devJs I'm developing on windows in unity, but will port to everything :) First steam deck then the rest.

    I really appreciate your support! 🙏
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    Looks like a NIGHTMATE to play.

    I love it!
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    Congrats, but my anger issues couldn't, you would owe me a new table after testing this game out haha
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    Seems interesting, though I have to second @j0n4s, my anger issues would make me punch my monitors.
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    @Ranchonyx @j0n4s you 2 should watch Anger Management with Sandler and Nicholson
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    I didn't mean you two, Sandler and Nicholson together on the sofa watching Anger Management, they are just actors in the movie.
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    I know an autist who would love this
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    Marvellous choice of music @blindXfish
    Keep us updated
    And admit access =D
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