I just hate this shady Apple behavior 😡

They make it look like I’m out of storage, but I still have 20%+ free

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    That's fucked.
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    Well thats kinda nice tbh, most people use all the space until they see its almost full. With this tactic people might keep their PC cleaner.
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    @Codex404 or people can make informed decisions when they’re given facts... not alternative facts!
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    @arturgrigio thats why there are numbers right? I myself have been taught to never look at diagrams but just the numbers.
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    @Codex404 No, no, it‘s not that easy I think.
    Apple is a hardware vendor - if people see an almost full storage they’ll think: “Let’s buy a bigger iPhone next time”

    On the other hand: the storage displays on iPhones and Macs have been broken for years now..
    Quality software..
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    @Codex404 you’d be surprised how many iPhone users have no clue about how much storage 1Gb actually is.

    I’m not saying that these people are stupid, it’s just we deal with this stuff so much, that it seems weird when people don’t get our terms.

    And for most of these people that see a bar 95% full, the assumption immediately is that “I’m out of space”.
    I don’t expect an average iPhone user would hover on the bar, then divide 15Gb/55Gb-ish (because of OS) and see that the phone is 30-ish% free.
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    @jAsE genius
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