So I host a few mining pools and some of the stories we hear from miners can be quite interesting. One of our miners recently had his front door busted off the hinges and a drug bust team go into his house and turn the house upside down. How did they determine that he was a threat for growing illegal drugs? Well he had a high power bill because of the miners and he grows flowers and food inside of his house and that was enough for THE NYPD to get a warrant.

Now he is responsible for cleaning up the mess the police made. What scares me the most is that they are tracking soil you buy online along with high power bills. What the hell USA im a proud Canadian

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    Drug war be drug waring.

    Must be scary though. Did they literally bust through ? Did they at least reimburse the door ? Poor door 🙁
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    @CptFox I'm unaware of any reimbursement as of this point. I know he had to pay it himself and has been trying to get the pd refund it
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    Yeah, they used to forget the fact, that Orwell's 1984 was a fiction, not a guideline...
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    That is fucked up
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    Imagine this happening in a country where bitcoin is illegal
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    @scandar it happens, the police steals the hardware and then uses it for mining in their own pocket
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    Great job @theNSA
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    @bcye This wasn't us, we would've used a drone or maybe a laptop camera first
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    @bcye yeah @theNSA knows everything. They don't need to bust some stupid door.
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