I know exactly who will like this pink accent 😏
I like this devRantron update :D

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    What is this? Is it a desktop client? Anything special vs official mobile app?
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    @HoloDreamer It's a community made desktop client.
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    @Dacexi You did something really bad in notifs, man. 😂
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    @Alice @ThatDude @CozyPlanes yeah I struggled so much on the notifications and I'm not really happy with them now. We tried like 7 different concepts but none of them really worked. Oh well, I won't be fixing it since @trogus is releasing the new web version soon so there is no real reason to use devRantron.
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    @ThatDude :) Just beware that there will be no more updates unless someone takes over. We'll still be merging PRs.
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    @ThatDude yeah, we feel like we've come far enough with devRantron that we can focus our attention on other, cooler projects. Expect to see some P2P, crypto, ML stuff from us in the future :)
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    @ThatDude I trust @trogus. From what I've heard it's gonna be good. If not I might still do some Dev on devRantron but not as much as before :)
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    @Alice You can scale everything up from settings.

    And as it is a community made application, it's always better to leave feedbacks if you do not like something :)
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    @Alice maybe I misunderstood this point: "I don't want it to permanently stay a small to medium sized window so it doesn't look bad."
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    @ThatDude what should I add?
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