Our intern is a weird bird. He is an immigrant (like me) and should be working his ass of to become an FT, and then tie the H1B. I never had an opportunity like this.

Instead the dude sat on his hands for four/five months since hired. He was managed remotely and fairly low touch. He was doing some light support work initially, though I had not heard anything from him.

I take him on now as his ass is about to get dropped. Manage him much more directly (small tasks several checking per day, you get the picture). We need to deliver something relatively simple in three weeks.

On Thursday I find out that the dude has no idea of what Spring is (we are a Java shop). Dude, you have had access to our fucking code base for five months, didn't it cross your mind to poke in? Maybe do a little research and see what this thing is that we are using ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACE? I sit two desks from you, why the fuck didn't you ask me a question? This ain't fucking socialism where we have a five year plan.

I swear, two things I dislike: incompetence and laziness. And incompetence can generally be cured with some lecturing if the other party is willing to listen.

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    As someone in a junior dev role but experienced in the business world I find it intimating to talk or ask questions to the senior devs.

    If this is his job he is clueless. Do him and yourself a big favor and write out a list of expectations and list skills in the order of importance he should be learning on his own time.

    Also explain the consequences if he doesn’t shape up.

    That is just my two cents.
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    What exactly are ft and h1b?
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    How was he hired if he doesn't fit any of the requirements?
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    @BindView FT - full time (salaried, employee).
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    @BindView h1b is a us work visa
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    To be fair, the fault is also in management. We should have been more on the ball. That said, I remember that I used to pester my managers when I get bored.

    Regarding expectations: we set those last week. To be fair I have seen him now much more engaged. I am just pissed at the time lost.

    @JoshBent He came in through a friend of the CEO. Didn't go through the regular recruitment (interview) process.
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    Ah, thanks, wasnt familiar with those terms
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    Spring...a fellow developer of taste. I LOVE Spring.
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    Sounds like a wk87 rant ;)
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    @deusprogrammer you are in luck. It's only a few months away 🙃
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    @katbreitin this. I just started my first job 2 weeks ago, and the beginning of the year is a very busy time for our team(it's when they finish a release). I can't pester the senior devs, my manager have me no run down, I haven't even had an orientation, just access to the code and looking through it. Having a list of what I need to be doing for the first few weeks and A LITTLE DOCUMENTATION ON THE CODE would be very nice.
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    @hjk101 lol

    Funny XD. I was meaning the framework.
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    @Deim I know the same for me I just started my first job a few months ago. The other person in my position didn’t even know they hired someone until the day I started. No fucking on boarding process.
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    @Deim Yes! Nothing is fucking documented someone made their confluence page once and in 2015. Today I has to make changes on the big boy repo (mostly my changes have been on legacy code on internal
    site or external
    pages no one fucking looks at) Jeez it was a pain and had to have the coder help me and ask another one to push it.
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