Just had a customer complain that the website didn't work in Microsoft Edge. After a WordPress update and slight CSS correction everything was fine. Then backend got a hold of us kindly asking "What the effervescent F*** is going on with that website"

Apparently it loads half a gig of data from our servers with each visit, we made the website and host it but we did not cause this. Further inspection shows that it's all images.

Me and the youngest (and possibly brightest) guy in the bunch view the PHP to try and control the amount of posts loading when visiting the start page as a means of controlling this issue.

We soon reached a conclusion we didn't expect, everything was in one post..........

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    Dumb fucking clients cause problems then go on a hunt for some poor fucker to blame.
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    your feelings reached me .
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    I'm ++ing this because I'll be adding "what the effervescent f***" to my vocabulary 😂
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    *Taekai voice* Oh myyyyyyy
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    @aaronbiller Join the line.
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    If you are the smartest guy in the room, your in the wrong room.
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    **That dropping sensation you get in your stomach when going down that first hill of a roller coaster**
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