I'm lead frontend developer/ consultant on a big government project, it's 10 days to release and I couldn't make it to a dinner with girlfriends extended family.

Pretty sure I just got dumped as she doesn't want to be in the way for my work so she is packing her stuff and leaving my apartment tonight.


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    Sorry to hear that, man.
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    Here is my 2 cents: you should talk to her.
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    You should talk to her, I find it hard up believe she dumped you for that and if she did then perhaps it is for the best.
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    I'm sorry, but if the dinner was planned you should have either planned your work around it (so that you could go), try to reschedule the dinner, or just say that you probably couldn't go.

    Don't plan important events close to release dates. It'll end bad.
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    whats wrong with the girls today, one fucking thing, that is not going to be like they want and they quit.. lol
    btw lost my gf in April 2017 due to too much time i spent on work/coding
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