I'm raging all over the place at the moment. I've just inherited possibly the worst PHP project (Codeigniter) in 10 years.

Apart from the fact that the previous developer has created 87 different header and footer files (same content, but each screen has different footer file for some reason, i.e. footer-login.php, header-login.php, footer-profile.php, header-profile.php etc.), he seems to like adding the following comment all over the place: "Released under MIT license: http://opensource.org/licenses/..." to some how protect is shitty code. I mean take a look at the below of some high quality,propriety Jquery he's written, under MIT.

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    That is horrendous... But your editor theme his my eyes just as much :-P
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    Okay that's bad some developers don't know how to include files but what fonts are you using, don't you like monospace?
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    Font is perfect.
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    Font is Operator Mono Book
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